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Aug 1, 2023 - Amanda Reichart

We are happy you’re here along for the journey with us!

I'm Amanda. I've had almost no international travel experience until now. So how did I end up on a three-month world tour? Here's how.

About four years ago, I was writing a blog called “He’s in the Waiting.” It was all about how God brings so many opportunities to teach us to wait—in ways we often don’t want, but—in ways that can grow us and strengthen us if we learn to wait well. Since the time of that blog, I met Shane and waiting in one area of my life ended! I finally met my husband whom I had prayed for so long and we married on February 26th, 2023.

People told me—no, actually warned me—that life with him would be a wild adventure and they were correct! (At least about some of it.) Shane has traveled to dozens of countries and has lived for several months in some of them. Sometimes his travels are to do ministry work and other times are just to take advantage of the fact he can work online from anywhere and enjoy new sights along the way. I had always said I would travel after paying off all my student debt, which I accomplished in November 2022—the day before I picked out my wedding dress. It was a big weekend needless to say!

And so, when Shane suggested we do some traveling for several months after we got married, it seemed like a perfect idea. I was now debt free; I had a great travel buddy, and I'd get to experience one of my husband's passions with him! And so, we began planning. And because the timing all lined up, I quit my job, we moved out of our apartment and now plan to move to North Carolina sometime after we arrive back in the States.

Our trip is not fully planned and may change some along the way, but our current travel plans include Iceland, England, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Andorra, Sweden, Poland, France, Uganda, Belgium, Germany and to Italy. We will fly back through Iceland on our way home, but I am seriously hoping this will be nothing more than a stop in and fly out. (I’m not sure if you’ve heard or not, but Iceland is COLD!)

Timing for updates on this blog will be pretty fluid as I want to make sure I am fully enjoying the trip but hoping to get one in for each country so roughly once a week. I expect the blog will morph into something totally different than a travel blog after we get back home. For now, it’s a chance to stay connected to friends and family and process all I’m seeing. But I also view it as gift to my future self, reminding me of all this experience held.

I hope you enjoy the read; feel free to comment—we’d love to hear from you. And now I’ll leave you with one of my favorite travel quotes from my dad. “Adventures aren’t always fun, but they give us something to talk about.” Though no offense dad, I think it’s also going to be fun!

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